Friday, July 15, 2011

FTDNA Sale starts tonight!

FTDNA  just announced their summer sale for new customers, including Family Finder upgrades for existing customers. The sale has started and continues through July 21.
  • Y-DNA37 for $119 (Regular price would be $149)
  • Y-DNA67 for $199 (Regular price would be $239)
  • Family Finder for $199 (Regular price would be $289)
  • Family Finder + Y-DNA37 for $318 (Regular price would be $438)
  • Family Finder + mtDNAPlus for $318 (Regular Price would be $438)
  • mtDNA Full Sequence for $219 (Regular Price would be $299)
  • SuperDNA for $418 (Regular Price would be $518, includes Y-DNA67 and mtFullSequence)
  • Comprehensive Genome for $617 (Regular Price would be $797, includes Y-DNA67, mtFullSequence and Family Finder)
In addition, existing Family Tree DNA customers may order the Family Finder add-on for $199. The promotion will start today, Friday the 15th at 6PM CST and will end Thursday, July 21, 11:59PM CST. Kits need to be paid for by the end of the promotion. You can order here.
[Disclosure - My company StudioINTV has an existing production agreement with FTDNA that has no bearing on the opinions I express. I also receive a small commission from FTDNA on non-sale orders through my affiliate link, which I use to fund DNA tests. I receive no other compensation in relation to any of the companies or products referenced in my blog.]


  1. The new customer discount only applies to projects, so to take advantage of the discount, new kits must be ordered through a surname, geographic or haplogroup project.

  2. I don't think so, Vince. I just tried to order and it worked without joining a project.

  3. I would like to order the MTDNA FGS, but I get the $289 price (regular $299-$10 project discount). If sign up as a new customer I see $219? As an existing customer how do get the advertised price or do I have to sign up as a new customer even though I already have an account?

  4. @bergep - The sale is for new customers, so yes, you would have to sign up for a new account in order to get the sale price.

  5. What would my first step be? I am going to ask my brother to do his DNA and I wanted to know whether or not I should join a family group? The results that I have seen seem like Greek to me. What I am hoping to do is to 1. Verify my gggggrandfather and 2. Find more information.

  6. Hi Kris,
    Is your gggggrandfather on your direct paternal line (father's father's father's father, etc...)? If so, then a Y-DNA test is your best bet. When you order the Y-DNA test, you would want to join a surname group for your last name.
    If he is not on the direct paternal line, then you would need an autosomal test - like FTDNA's Family Finder or 23andMe's Relative Finder.
    What results do you already have?
    Thanks for commenting,

  7. Oh help, please. You seem to be the person who can. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to ask questions.
    A cousin wants my son to do the DNA test (his father's side of the family). The line goes from our earlier known ancestor, gt gt grandfather through his daughter (gt gd mother) down through the next three generations of men. Which test should I order, the male or female line one?
    And another question: We did the test for the paternal gt gdfather. Are those results reusable? (and since I have no idea my copy of the results is now, are they stored by the company anywhere so they could be?)