I provide private genetic genealogy consulting to a limited number of clients. I am completely booked up at the moment due to media consulting work, but I am happy to provide referrals to other qualified, trusted professional genetic genealogists with whom I work closely. Please email me at for details.
Thank you.


  1. what is the difference between the geno2 test from Nat'l Geo and the more expensive test from Familytee (Genes by Gene)?

  2. I am willing to wait for your services. Is that possible?

    1. It could be a long wait since I am super busy with FYRs research and some "foundling" cases. Please send an email to the address listed above and explain what your goals.needs are. Thanks!

  3. Can my brother who had a bone marrow transplant for cancer 15 years ago be tested for Y or Autosomal DNA? Ancestry initially said yes but then changed their mind when the tests came back completely off track. I have since been told by ancestry that it would not work...can you please confirm if you know anything about this? It would be a shame because I would like to do Y DNA for my father's family and we don't have much information on them. Thank you, Ellen