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Family Tree Magazine November 2014 Podcast on Genetic Genealogy << listen here

Article, Washington Times, "DNA Genealogy Companies Help Adoptees Find Their Relatives"

Finding Your Roots, Season 3, Episode 7: Family Reunions, full episode featuring LL Cool J and the adoption mystery in his family (with an appearance by me)

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DNA Testing Adviser 

Finding Family:My Search for Roots and the Secrets in my DNA by Richard Hill

My Behind-the-Scenes Series on PBS' "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr."
DNA 101: The Secrets in the Science (Intro)
Finding Fathers: Decoding the Y-Chromosome (Episode One)
Autosomal DNA: Hints from Our Ancestors (Episode Two)
Telling Stories with Autosomal DNA (Episode Three)
Telling Stories with Mitochondrial DNA (Episode Four)
Reconnecting Lost Family Tree Branches with DNA (Episode Five)
Tracing Descent from a Slave Owner with DNA (Episode Six)
Ashkenazi Jewish DNA and the Potential to Piece Together Shattered Family Tree Branches  (Episode Seven)
When DNA Confirms the Paper Trail (Episode Eight)
Season Wrap-Up: Finally! DNA Takes Center Stage (Episode Ten)

My Series on DNA Comparisons from Known Relationships:
Known Relative Studies: Expected Percentages
Known Relative Studies: Great Grandchild Inheritance
A Success Story and the Randomness of Autosomal DNA Inheritance (Fourth and Fifth Cousins)
Known Relative Studies: Second Cousins 
Known Relative Studies: More Second Cousin Comparisons 
Known Relative Studies: Second Cousin Comparisons, Allen Great Grandparents
Known Relative Studies: Second Cousins or Half Second Cousins 
Known Relative Studies: Identifying DNA from Great Grandparents Using Second Cousin Comparisons
Known Relative Studies: I Found My Third Cousin Today! 
Known Relative Studies: A Third Cousin Comparison and More Random Autosomal DNA Inheritance
Known Relative Studies: Purdy Fourth and Fifth Cousins
Autosomal DNA Matching and the Importance of Testing Multiple Family Members (Ninth Cousins)
Known Relative Studies: Ratekin Seventh Cousin
Known Relative Studies: A Second Cousin Adds to My Chromosome Map and Answers a Nagging Genealogical Question

Details on some of my research:
An interview with me for Family Tree DNA, written by Rebekah Canada
An article by Christine Kenneally

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  1. Several of my relatives have now completed the AncestryDNA test at I would like to get feedback from readers of your blog on the ethnicity results we have received. I have a PDF file that summarizes the results using the first names of each contributor in a tree diagram, but it is not clear to me if I can post that file here. Is that a possibility? Thanks! dm.