Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FTDNA Upgrade Sale starts now!

FTDNA just announced an upgrade sale! This sale is only for existing customers and is not the previously announced upcoming Facebook sale. Click here and log into your already existing account to order.

From June 15, 2011 through June 22, 2011, FTDNA will reduce the following prices.
Summer Upgrade Sale
Family Finder Was $289 Now $199
Y-DNA 12 to 25 Was $49 Now $35
Y-DNA 12 to 37 Was $99 Now $69
Y-DNA 12 to 67 Was $189 Now $148
Y-DNA 25 to 37 Was $49 Now $35
Y-DNA 25 to 67 Was $148 Now $114
Y-DNA 37 to 67 Was $99 Now $79
mt to FMS Was $269 Now $229
mtPlus to FMS Was $239 Now $199
To order an upgrade at these special prices members can log into their personal pages with their kit number and password. Click on the "Special Offers" link found on the left-hand navigation bar. ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED AND PAID FOR BY MIDNIGHT, JUNE 22, 2011, TO RECEIVE THE SALE PRICE.
[Disclosure - My company StudioINTV has an existing production agreement with FTDNA that has no bearing on the opinions I express. I also receive a small commission from FTDNA on non-sale orders through my affiliate link, which I use to fund DNA tests. I receive no other compensation in relation to any of the companies or products referenced in my blog.]


  1. Good point mich@el. I sent an inquiry to FTDNA in that regard. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. It is an upgrade for all products except Family Finder. Then again, there is nothing to upgrade from with respect to Family Finder.

    This actually makes it cheaper than Relative Finder from 23andMe, albeit without the health information,

  3. It is only offering me the Family Finder upgrade...

  4. I expect there are enough upgrades from 67 to 111 going on right now without that being on sale.