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ABC 20/20 TRIPLE FOUNDLINGS MYSTERY - SOLVED BY CeCe Moore & the DNA Detectives from The DNA Detectives on Vimeo.

TV Appearances as a Genetic Genealogy Expert:
Weekend Today - Foundling Jason Spurzem's story (aired 5/14/2017)
Weekend Today - DNA Testing Donor Conception Story (aired 2/19/17)
The Dr. Oz Show - May Belle's Story (aired 10/12/2016 and 8/23/2017)
20/20 - Triple Foundling Case (aired 5/6/16 and 12/17/16)
Nightline - Triple Foundling Case (aired 5/6/16)
Good Morning America - Triple Foundling Case (aired 5/6/16)
"Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.," LL Cool J episode (aired 2/16/16)
"Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.," Jimmy Kimmel episode (aired 1/26/16) 
Crime Watch Daily (aired 10/15/15)
"Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.," (aired 11/25/14, segments at 15:51, 21:35 and 37:15)
20/20 - Paul Fronczak Case (aired 3/15/14)
The Doctors (aired 1/24/14)
CBS This Morning (aired 1/14/14)
20/20 - Lippert/Branum Case (aired 1/24/14)
KUTV Fox - "DNA Detective Sheds Light on Sample Switch Discovery" (aired 1/13/14)
Fox 13 SLC (aired 4/24/14)
Fox 13 SLC (aired 1/22/14)
Fox 13 SLC (aired 1/12/14)
Nancy Grace (aired 1/15/14)
KLAS - 8 News Nevada - "New Clues in the True Identity of Paul Fronczak" (aired 1/16/15, segment at 2:20)

Quoted and/or mentioned as a DNA expert by:

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, People Magazine, Harper's Magazine, Business Insider, ABC News, CNN Live, Live Science, Huffington Post (multiple), The Root (multiple), Newsweek, Washington Times, Discover Magazine’s Gene Expression (multiple), Science Blog’s Genetic Future (multiple), Genomes Unzipped (multiple), Genomics Law Report (multiple), Fox Health, CNN's Paging Dr. Gupta, Salt Lake City Tribune (multiple), BioArray News (multiple), Family Tree Magazine (multiple), Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter (multiple) and many others.  

Recipient of The Surname Journal's "2014 Genetic Genealogist of the Year Award"

Voted 2015 "Superstar Rockstar Genealogist" (gold medal in three categories)

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  1. Hi. Quick question. I discovered at age 49 I was adopted at birth. I am working two theories and working tirelessly to get to the truth, which completely eluded my birth mother. I have taken the Ancestry DNA and have been matched with a couple of 2nd cousins but we can't figure out how or where the relation comes in. Do you have any suggestions on how to delve into this to find answers. I am 56 now, so for 7 years I have been searching, thinking every moment of every day and spinning my wheels. My adoptive mother is 87 and just cannot tell me anything, or won't tell me anything. I have the Doc's name, but of course he has passed on, and I don't know if it's even possible to find anything in birth records of hospitals from 1959. My original birth certificate and the adoption information is sealed in the Maryland State Archives and I cannot access it. Don't know if it's possible to obtain a court order to have the file opened for me. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you. My email is

  2. I just sent you information with my email address. Thank you for your help.