Sunday, July 31, 2011

FTDNA offers great discounts for FinnFest

FTDNA has kindly offered special prices for FinnFest 2011 and Finnish DNA Project members.

The coupon code reduces Y DNA 67, mtDNA Full Sequence and Family Finder to a price of $193 each as well as the specials listed below:

Comprehensive Genome, $591  (normally $837)
Super DNA, $392  (normally $548)
Y-DNA 67 + Family Finder $193 x 2= $386  (normally $558)
mtDNA FullSequence + Family Finder, $392  (normally $559)
Y DNA 67, $193  (normally $268)
mtDNAFullSequence, $193  (normally $299)
Family Finder, $193  (normally $289)
(not including $4 domestic and $6 international shipping)

These are really great discounts!

The Coupon Code is valid until 31st of August for all new orders here as well as for subsequent orders from "Order tests & Upgrades" link. You can get the coupon code by stopping by FTDNA's booth at FinnFest August 10th-14th.

[Disclosure - My company StudioINTV has an existing production agreement with FTDNA that has no bearing on the opinions I express. I also receive a small commission from FTDNA on non-sale orders through my affiliate link, which I use to fund DNA tests. I receive no other compensation in relation to any of the companies or products referenced in my blog.]

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  1. ...any way to get the coupon code now? ...just came across this today...