Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Geno 2.0 - It's in the mail!

I was very excited to finally receive my Geno 2.0 kit today. I quickly collected my DNA sample and returned it to National Geographic. I thought I would post a few photos for those of you who are still waiting for your kit.

Upon opening, you get this:

And this:

The swabs are exactly like Family Tree DNA's:

The vials are tucked away at the bottom of the cardboard insert:

To get them out, you need to pull out the cardboard folds at the corners from this:

To this:

The vials also look just like FTDNA's:

Just follow the directions:

Don't forget to fill out the consent form, detach it and mail it back:

After swabbing (I didn't take pictures of that, but Roberta did!), CAREFULLY release the tip of the swab into the solution in the vial by pushing on the end of the swab like this:

Then put the vials in the provided plastic baggie:

And place them in the envelope:

And then mail it back!

Don't forget to register your kit here using the confidential ID found on the inside cover of your kit, your vials and the back of the Quick Start Guide:

And please consider contributing your result to science:

I'm really looking forward to discovering some of the things discussed in the pamphlet:

But I will have to wait awhile:

You can bet I will be checking this ^^ page regularly!

**You can order your kit here.


  1. Thanks CeCe, I have not had one of these FTDNA type kits here before, done half a dozen 23andme kits, so it was nice to be informed and prepared for the difference. Mine is "In Process" so I don't expect results before 2013.

  2. I was just about to answer: "Yeah, me too. It seems that they are leaving us international customers for last..." and then I told myself, ok, before writing that, let's check again, just in case (even if I did that regularly for days without seeing anything changing).

    And then I saw in front of me the magic word "Shipped"

    So, hear, hear, even if you are not from North America, there is now hope !!!! :)

  3. Got mine on Saturday and sent it back on Monday. They recommend five stamps on it. I've heard that people who get FTDNA envelopes weighed at the post office have less postage put on the envelope, but it takes forever for the Houston post office to process it if it doesn't have at least $1.95 on it. I had a cousin send a kit back in July and FTDNA did not get it until September.

    1. Ugh, sorry to hear that. Got my kits, and also mailed them on Monday - but had temporary amnesia and only paid .90 on each of the two kits, as weighed by the postal clerk at the window. Now I am worried if they will be sent back or other delay!

      I wonder if the delay you mention in processing is due to late arrival, if insufficient postage is used?

  4. The package was a work of art that even you excellent photo essay did not quite do justice. I think even Steve Jobs would be impressed by a box that presents a product so well. Mine came late last week and was returned the same day.

    1. I agree! I was having trouble getting clear photos with my phone, but decided to post them anyway. :-)

  5. Got mine on Friday and sent it back the same day, by yesterday (Wednesday) it was showing "20% complete-Sample Received--DNA Isolation: Underway"

  6. Help, I'm turning into a genetic junkie (sheepish grin)! Haven’t tried 23 and me, but have done mtDNA, yDNA and Family Finder<>Ancestry Beta with both and FTDNA. (Also FTDNA Deep Clade). Started with about 3 yrs ago, got the upgrades, but mostly had no real clues regarding those patern. and matern. matches. Uploaded the results to a few freebie sites, still nothing much.
    This year I took advantage of FTDNA’s deal to further upgrade the Ancestry results at a discount; on the advice of a geneticist, I upgraded to yDNA 67 and Deep Clade, hoping to get a hit on my progenitor’s German roots. Nothing much has come of that yet, either, but am still hoping.

    AncestryDNABeta vs. Family Finder: interestingly close with their Ethnicity breakdowns:

    Scandinavian 52%
    British Isles 32%
    Southern European 12%
    Uncertain 4%

    Europe (Western European) 88.48% ±3.92% margin of error
    Middle East (Palestinian, Bedouin, Bedouin South, Druze, Jewish) 11.52% ±3.92% margin of error
    AncestryDNA seems to be more precise. Adding their Scandinavian and British Isles together equals 84%; comparable to FF= 88%.

    More interesting is the capacity to find near and distant relatives who have posted their family trees. AncestryDNA actually finds those with the same ancestor(s) for you as a HINT. I have 2 HITS so far that share a common gggf and gggm.
    Family Finder has more DNA results in their database, so I have about 10 HITS that share common ancestors, BUT you have to search through the other trees to find those ancestors. Both test results display Common Surnames, but this is not much help with names such as DAVIS, SMITH, JONES, etc. BTW, AncestryDNA linked my daughter to me as soon as her results were posted, but apart from her, only 2nd or more distant cousins have turned up.

  7. I posted about this on FB I should have read more hear!

  8. How worth it would you say this test is for a woman? I'm considering ordering it for myself, but would I be missing a big component of it without Y-DNA?

  9. Mine is in the mail hope to get it by Christmas time - weeeeee!The packaging is sweeet - love it!

  10. My kit is in process!
    I am a DNA junky
    CeCe needs to start a therapy group!