Thursday, March 1, 2012

Another Update on the New Autosomal DNA Test from - It's Almost Here!

I received this email today from AncestryDNA (funny they mention that we will be BETA testing since they told me that they wouldn't be having a BETA period before launch):

You’ve signed up to be one of the first. Your sample is in the lab. And you’ve been waiting patiently to hear back from us. Well, get ready! Our early access period will be starting soon.

Once your DNA sample is fully processed, you’ll be receiving an email from us with instructions on how to view your results.
So keep an eye on your inbox and get ready to experience the new AncestryDNA™ in BETA before it launches to the general public.

In a few cases, we may not have been able to collect enough genetic material from the test swabs to process your results. If your test is one of these, we will be contacting you with further instructions.

Thank you for your patience—we will begin rolling out results as they’re available.
As with any BETA program, we’ll need to work out a few kinks here and there, so please keep that in mind as we continue to improve the experience. We’re almost there!

Thank you,

The AncestryDNA team

Get the first look here.

[10/26/12: This test is now out of Beta, so you can order it here.]

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