Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ancestry.com's Autsomal DNA Launch - First Look!

Biogeographical Ancestry Analysis - Click to Enlarge
Your Match's Tree and Common Surnames
Your Match's Ancestral Locations Compared to Yours

The names of those with whom you share matching DNA are provided, including links to their family tree (if they have connected it to their DNA results), as well as a clear presentation of common surnames and "ethnicity".

The biogeographical ancestry analysis looks superb, hinting that Ancestry.com may indeed have access to Sorenson's extensive reference samples.

At this early juncture, there appears to be no specific segment info provided (i.e. - location of shared DNA), nor raw data access. If this continues to be the case, it will be extremely disappointing for any serious genetic genealogist.

Lauren Mahieu has posted a review and additional images on her blog GeneJourneys. Notably, she has 85 matches already!

***Thanks to Ben Moscia for the images!***

My thoughts on this "First Look" here.

Ancestry.com DNA testing


  1. CeCe - the "Shared Surnames" feature is obviously awesome!

    In one of your screenshots says it says "no family tree is connected to this result" - aren't all the early testers people who already had ancestry.com accounts? so how does that happen? is it manual or automatic that a tree is "connected" to an account?

    Thanks for posting these!

    1. Dwight,
      You have the option to link your results to your tree. You can link to yourself in any tree that you have in your Ancestry.com account.

  2. Thanks Ben and CeCe. This will certainly up the ante for 23andme and FTDNA. Competition is good!

  3. Thanks for posting about this. I looked at my results yesterday but was disappointed that my pedigree ethnicity was so different than my genetic ethnicity, enough to think perhaps there is a problem with my results. For instance, my results state that my genetic ethnicity is 91% British Isles, 6% Russian/Persian/Turkish, and 3% Other. This does not match my pedigree. My pedigree on both sides of parents is predominantly French, as most of my ancestors were French colonists of Canada, Acadia, and Louisiana. Out of the nearly 3,000 people in my family tree, I have none that are from the Russian/Persian/Turkish part of the world… that was a total surprise (although my surname is from southern Spain, perhaps there was a migration or something to that area from way back). Based on my pedigree, I would expect my genetic ethnicity to be around 50-60% Western or Southern Europe and the rest to be British Isles. I just find it really odd that I received no “hits” for Western Europe (France/Spain) given this is the predominant portion of my family tree. I sent feedback to Ancestry, but I was curious if anyone else has something similar to this or could anyone provide some insight for me?

    I just wonder if since most of my ancestry is from French colonists of North America, then perhaps they are confusing the results with the British colonists of North America? I had one person that was a 4th cousin match, and in fact we had some common ancestors. Based on their family tree, many of their ancestors were French Canadian and Louisianan as were mine and their results were 86% British Isles, 6% Southern European, and 8% Other… which again, seems kind of odd.