Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FTDNA hits 5000 "likes" on Facebook and offers a fantastic discount!

This morning the FTDNA page on Facebook reached 5000 "likes" and, as promised, they are offering a one-day coupon for 40% off (for new kits only except Family Finder)). This is the best discount I have ever seen on Family Finder. It is only available for for 24 hours, so order now if you have been wanting to test, but haven't done it yet!

"Congratulations! You have earned a 40% discount any of these tests:

Y-DNA37 (now only $93.40 including shipping if ordered through a project)
mtDNAPlus (now only $99.40 including shipping if ordered through a project)
Family Finder (now only $173.40)
Family Finder+mtDNAPlus
Comprehensive Genome
Warrior Gene

Family Finder add-on to any existing kit (now only $173.40)

The coupon code is 5000FACES. This is only valid for new kits and can't be used on existing kits. Enter the code while ordering at FTDNA. It expires 24 HOURS from now!"

*Update - Kits can even be ordered through projects which already have about a $10 discount (Thanks to BarB A for the info!)

[Disclosure - My company StudioINTV has an existing production agreement with FTDNA that has no bearing on the opinions I express. I also receive a small commission from FTDNA on non-sale orders through my affiliate link, which I use to fund DNA tests. I receive no other compensation in relation to any of the companies or products referenced in my blog.]