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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Sneak Peek at the UPDATED AncestryDNA Search Filter

AncestryDNA has been hard at work perfecting the new search filter these last few weeks. Not surprisingly, it has undergone some changes since I last shared it with my readers.

Stephen Baloglu,'s Director of Product Marketing, described what appears to be the version that will go live in the next few weeks:

The search includes looking within your DNA matches for surnames and birth locations in their family tree that they have linked to their DNA results. It does not currently include searching for username, but we may update that in the future. The top request was surnames/birth locations, so we started there. Also, we expect people to more likely know surnames they're looking for much more often than ancestry username.

He also shared these screen shots and accompanying descriptions with me on June 6th. Click to enlarge them for a closer look.


In a YouTube video on's account (dated June 3, 2013), this slide is shown describing the AncestryDNA search filters.

Notice that the username search was, apparently, still expected at that time. employees Anna Swayne and Crista Cowan discuss it on the video from about 15:30 to 16:00.  Crista clarifies that the username filter will be "an ability to search by the name of somebody who is a DNA match" and Anna says that it "will be coming soon". However when I asked Ken Chahine, General Manager of AncestryDNA, about the username filter at the recent DNA conference on June 6th, he explained that does not currently have the option to search by username built into their system, which is limiting AncestryDNA's ability to provide it. [Update: I have asked for clarification on this point.]

Although this additional filter would be convenient, in my opinion, it isn't essential. For example,  I would like to search my mother's account to determine which of my matches with a surname of interest also appear in her account, but I can do so almost as easily by searching on that surname. Further, to search your account to see if your research partners appear as matches, you can also filter by your shared surname(s). I would really like to see an "In Common With" filter to determine which of my matches are from my mother's side, but, fortunately, I can already use Jeff Snavely's tool for that purpose.

With these upcoming filters, Jeff's terrific tool and Family Tree DNA's recent announcement that they are accepting raw data uploads from AncestryDNA (for only $49!), this test is becoming much more useful for genetic genealogists. (Now, if only we could get that chromosome browser onsite!)

Stephen tells me that there still isn't a confirmed date for the new search filter's arrival, but I expect it to appear sometime this summer.