Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Jim Wilson and ScotlandsDNA Release Y-SNP Positions for Chromo2

In a move that I know will make our community of citizen scientists and Y-SNP researchers very happy, Dr. Jim Wilson sent me an email with a file containing the ScotlandsDNA/BritainsDNA Chromo2 Y-SNP positions and this announcement today:

ScotlandsDNA are happy to share the chromosome positions for the Y chromosome SNPs on the chromo2 chip. We hope these catalyse a step change in the development of the Y chromosome tree. Wherever we have looked the structure has increased greatly in resolution, but we simply do not have time to analyse all the data and so are sharing this file with the community to allow everyone to take part. These are the first fruits of whole Y chromosome sequencing, taken out into a much larger population - the beginning of understanding what all the new markers mean.

The file can be found here

Thanks again, Jim!

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