Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A List of Alternate Names for the Y-SNPs from BritainsDNA's Chromo2 Test

(For Advanced Y-DNA Researchers)

Dr. James Wilson from BritainsDNA has sent me a list of the alternate names for the Chromo2 Y-SNPs and has given me permission to post it for public access with his comments, as follows:

Please find attached a list of alternate names for chromo2 Y SNPs...This is based on comparisons some months ago now, although a few SNPs have been updated in the meantime...Where there is no alternative name for an S SNP it means it was not listed/named in any compendium, browser or database I had available when this file was put together and is not available in any other product as far as I am aware (of course apart from a complete Y chromosome sequence).

Note that all the SNPs on this list manufactured on the chip, but a small proportion do not give good genotyping clusters; I haven't had time to clean them out. There are also a small number of SNPs not on this list eg S28, S250, which we Taqman in the appropriate samples as Illumina appear to have removed them from the design and they have no proxies on the chip or none known.

In due course I also intend to share the genome co-ordinates to allow comparisons with whole Y chromosome sequences, despite this being a case of handing larger competitors the fruits of our investment. At present I have started to do that for individual SNPs that are queried on a case-by-case basis, as I don't as yet have the permissions of all of the sequenced individuals to hand out their SNPs in this way.

You can find the list here. (Make sure you download the entire list and not just what is visible through Google Docs.)

Thanks, Jim!

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