Monday, August 26, 2013

Kelly Wheaton's Beginners' Guide to Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogist Kelly Wheaton has been hard at work on a beginner's guide to genetic genealogy for the last couple of weeks. She was inspired to share her extensive knowledge by a thread on the ISOGG DNA Newbie mailing list asking (begging!) for easier to understand resources. Since my readers are always clamoring for more educational resources as well, I am very happy to be able to introduce it to you all.

Kelly doesn't draw a lot of attention to herself, but she has been a long-time contributor to the DNA Newbie list and a frequent poster on the 23andMe forums. She has always generously shared her knowledge through these forums and on her website. I consider her to be a very valuable asset to our community. I'm sure you will agree after reading her new guide.

Kelly Wheaton
The guide has received unanimously good reviews from those of us who have read it. One of the nice things about it is that it breaks the instruction into easily digestible pieces, by keeping each lesson short and concise. There are thirteen lessons so far and Kelly says that she will continue to add to it. As she was writing, Kelly had the foresight to share it with "newbies" to receive feedback and make sure that it is understandable for the beginner. This has resulted in a very easy-to-understand resource. Kelly is continuing to accept suggestions for improvements and additions.

You can find this wonderful guide here. Thank you Kelly for all of your hard work and valuable contributions to our community.

Debbie Kennett has just created a page on the ISOGG Wiki with links to beginners' guides here. Right now it only has Kelly's guide and my series for Please add to it if you find basic resources which are helpful to you and, while you are there, look around. The Wiki is a great resource in itself!

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  1. All of these are awesome guides. Thanks for putting them all in one place!