Thursday, November 15, 2012

GeneaBlog Awards 2012...Guess Who?

I am extremely proud to have been honored by Tamura Jones in the fifth annual GeneaBlog Awards, not once but TWICE!  This year Tamura recognized genealogy blogs in five categories:

Best New Genealogy Blog: AQ Will Do by Dale McIntyre
Best In Depth Industry Coverage: Your Genetic Genealogist for AncestryDNA coverage
Most Pronounced Genealogy Activism: The Legal Genealogist by Judy Russell for SSDI coverage
Best Guest Series: DNA Testing for Genealogy by CeCe Moore on
Best Uniquely Informative Series: The Legal Genealogist by Judy Russell for "Terms of Service"

I was especially happy to read that Tamura recognized my efforts to fairly and accurately report's new venture into autosomal DNA testing with these words:

This year, started offering autosomal DNA tests through their AncestryDNA service, at relatively affordable prices.
No one has covered this industry development more extensively than CeCe Moore on her Your Genetic Genealogist blog.

In fact, her coverage starts late last year, well before the Beta period.
She was the first to point out that AncestryDNA may be cheap, but does not provide you with your own data, an important issue many other authors missed completely.
She has consistently taken the position that should release the actual test results to their customers.

Your Genetic Genealogist was the first to report that had bought GeneTree.

CeCe Moore exclusively reported on erroneous results by AncestryDNA, provided follow-up explaining what went wrong,
and did not hesitate to report an AncestryDNA success story later.
Your Genetic Genealogist has regularly provided AncestryDNA information while misinformation abounded.
There is no better source of independent information on AncestryDNA.

Congratulations to my colleagues Judy and Dale for their much deserved awards. Thank you to Tamura for the honor and to my faithful readers because, without you, none of this would be possible.

[**Please see Judy's latest post on The Legal Genealogist for background on Tamura Jones and the GeneaBlog Awards.**]


  1. Well deserved, CeCe! I appreciate your accurate and thorough coverage.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS to both you and Judy Russell!

  3. Well deserved honor, CeCe! Keeping everybody in the know on AncestryDNA can only work to all of our benefit.

    1. That is my goal, Judy. Thank you and congrats on your well deserved recognition too!

  4. Congratulations, CeCe. It is wonderful to see you getting recognition for your efforts. Your blog posts on DNA these last several years have been some of the best posted. A link to your blog is always in my handouts in the "Where to Learn More" section.

    1. Thank you, Debbie! It was wonderful to finally meet you at the conference in Houston.

  5. There are Awards & Prizes for both blogging and JOURNALISM.

    An average person (those not in Mensa) should be capable of drawing the distinction not only between blogging and journalism … but also evaluating the credentials of the Award or Prize granting organization (or “person” in this case of a GeneaBlog Award from a fellow blogger who dabbles in genealogy and computers).

    The Huffington Post made history in 2012 as the FIRST BLOG to ever win a Pulitzer Prize.

    The Huffington Post is a blog, pure and simple, and it’s the first one to be so honored for its JOURNALISM in this format.
    The reason the Huffington Post won its Pulitzer fair and square was due to the remarkable work of the Huffington Post senior military JOURNALIST, David Wood.
    Wood, 66, took home the Pulitzer for Beyond the Battlefield, a ten-part series on wounded veterans.

    Using the JOURNALISTIC PROCESS & JOURNALISTIC ETHICS, Wood conducted IN-DEPTH interviews with severely wounded veterans over an eight-month period. The Huffington Post definitely INVESTED the TIME and RESOURCES (Wood is a veteran JOURNALIST who has spent more than three decades doing war reporting) in this series, and the recognition appears to be well deserved.

    This huge win for the Huffington Post in the blogging format should not mean ALL BLOGS are of such HIGH JOURNALISTIC QUALITY. 99.999% are not.

    There is a tremendous difference between an amateur blogger on the Internet who does not have PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTIC TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE and one which does. Unlike a TRUE JOURNALIST, some Bloggers in the Genetic Genealogy community do get freebies and commercial side deals from the companies they write about.


  6. Wow, sour grapes from 'Sidney Chinn' there.
    Insulting Tamura Jones and promoting socialist propaganda blog HuffPost.
    CeCe, if I were you, I would have deleted this crap from my blog, and block 'Sidney' IP address already.

    1. Hi doubting Thomas,
      I considered doing just that, but I would like my blog to stay an open forum. I think my readers are intelligent enough to figure out where "Sidney's" comments are coming from and to reach their own conclusions about this award and those involved.
      Thank you for your comments and your support,