Monday, November 28, 2011

23andMe Cyber Monday Discount Today

23andMe has announced their Cyber Monday sale. It isn't as much of a discount as their usual holiday sale and apparently ends at noon PST today [Update- 23andMe says that was a typo and the sale will go through Midnight]:

"Happy Cyber Monday From 23andMe! Today only $25 Off Our Personal Genome Service®. Offer ends 12pm PST Click Here." [Update- if the link doesn't work for you try the code "Cyber2011".]

That's $74 + $9/per month - a big improvement from the price not so long ago, but not the highly anticipated sale that many were expecting.

GearDiary hints that there may be more sales on the horizon, although there is no way to know if they will be any better than this one:
"And for the 2011 holiday season, 23andMe will offer special discounts beginning on Cyber Monday, November 28, 2011, with $25 off via Facebook and Twitter only. Additional holiday specials will be announced on Facebook and Twitter throughout the month of December."

 I'll probably sit this one out. How about you?

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  1. It is the $9.00/month subscription fee that has always bothered me about 23andMe. FTDNA does not have a monthly subscription fee so paying a little more initially for the Family Finder test (199.00 on sale now through the end of December) with no monthly fee, is a better deal if you are in it for the long term (e.g., you want to continue receiving new relative matches for years to come). So, for the short term, 23andMe is cheaper. For the long term, FTDNA will be cheaper. I still believe that testing with both companies is the best option for adoptees and birth family searching, but if funds are tight, I would wait to see if 23andMe offers something better later on, or go with FTDNA.