Monday, May 16, 2011

Postage increase affects delivery of FTDNA kits

Apparently, there has been a large backlog of undelivered mail intended for FTDNA sitting at their local post office for the last couple of weeks. This was due to the fact that postage rates increased on April 17, 2011 for all types of mail except first class single ounce letters, thus changing the amount needed to return the DNA kits (previously $1.22). If you are wondering why you have not received notification that FTDNA has received your kit, yours may be one of those awaiting postage due. I am told that FTDNA is correcting the problem and having that mail delivered tomorrow as well as updating the recommended postage on the kit enclosure to reflect this increase. Meanwhile, if you have an unused kit at home, please be sure to note this change. The cost for each additional ounce after the first has increased from 17 cents to 20 cents. The post office recommended one customer post $1.71 for the return of the kit. I would suggest having yours weighed just to be sure.

**Update - FTDNA has confirmed that the correct postage to return their kits is $1.71.

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