Sunday, December 26, 2010

23andMe's "New Low Price for All!"

The holiday sale has ended, but it appears that 23andMe has lowered their regular price to $199 (from $499) plus $5 per month for their PGS. This is a fantastic every day price point to entice more people into their database. I am very happy to see that they are staying competitive and making their service affordable to a large demographic. Hopefully, this will result in continuing advancement of our collective knowledge of the human genome.


  1. Thanks for the update CeCe.

    I wish they still had the single price option as well.

  2. Dr D, what do you mean? There is still an option to buy the kit for $499 with no subscription required. Did you mean a gift price with the $60 upfront?

  3. Much more realistic price for today's economy..... I'm waiting on results for 4 kits. myself,wife and various family members..