Tuesday, November 30, 2010

23andMe Holiday Sale Extended through December 25th and another DNA gift idea for Christmas!

This morning 23andMe's welcome page is announcing that the holiday sale has been extended through December 25th (or while supplies last). I would imagine that the first people to send their kits in from this sale will receive their results before the 25th. So, for those on the fence about the changes at 23andMe, there will likely be an opportunity to observe the reaction to the first wave of results from the v3 chip before the end of the sale.  If the reviews are positive, 23andMe should expect a rush of new orders before Christmas.

If you just don't know what to get your wacky relatives for Christmas and they have already had all of the DNA tests that you can force on them,  here's an idea: Ancestry Portraits by DNA 11, "the company that brought DNA Art to the masses".  The press release explains, "Portraits combine the science of genealogy with the technology of the mobile and social web..." by visualizing "maternal lineage in a custom piece of augmented art".  Even better, the article also states that those of us who already have our DNA results can use them to create our DNA Ancestry Portrait. Hey, if they bring the price point down, it would make a great gag gift for those relatives who roll their eyes and yawn when you start talking about DNA and genealogy.

Happy Holidays!

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