Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Your Genetic Genealogist

I began researching my family's history in earnest in 2002. Since then I have made amazing discoveries about my ancestors and myself. Up until recently, most of my work has been centered around old records and faded photos. In the last few years, I have been fascinated by the subject of DNA testing for ancestry purposes. Recently, I was fortunate to have participated as a Beta Tester for both 23andme's Relative Finder and FTDNA's Family Finder- the groundbreaking new autosomal DNA testing products. In this capacity, I have spent countless hours learning all that I could about this amazing new science - both its potential and its limitations. After answering the same questions for my family, friends and other genetic genealogy researchers repeatedly, I have decided to start blogging in order to have a central location for all of the exciting new discoveries that are being made in my family tree and in our genes, as well as to answer all pertinent questions from interested parties. I have convinced upwards of 15 family members to take this new test and will use this site for comparing and contrasting their results as well. Please keep in mind that this is an emerging science and we are all learning it together.
I have chosen the name "Your Genetic Genealogist" because I hope to assist all of you in discovering your genetic roots on this journey to discover mine.

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