Friday, August 21, 2015

Do You Have Lupus? Join 23andMe's Lupus Study - CLOSED


Click here to enroll: 23andMe Lupus Study

23andMe, Pfizer, and the Lupus Research Institute are collaborating to study the genetics of lupus in a research initiative that is designed to recruit and genotype 5,000 individuals from the U.S. who have the disease. The partners aim to discover the underlying genetics involved in lupus, with the hope that this knowledge will lead to new or improved treatments. 

Eligible enrollees will receive the 23andMe Personal Genome Service® at no cost, including reports on their ancestry and their raw genetic data. Additionally, enrollees may receive up to $50 in compensation for completing five short bi-monthly surveys plus one final survey that will be delivered within the 12 months after joining the study. For current 23andMe customers, eligible enrollees will receive a $20 Amazon gift card for joining the study and agreeing to the terms. Learn more about the study here.  

See if you are eligible:
Lupus is characterized by the body’s immune system attacking normal, healthy tissues almost anywhere in the body. People with lupus might have symptoms that include inflammation of the joints, or skin rashes, sores or damage to the kidneys, or heart or lungs. 
In order to participate in the first study within the lupus community, you must meet all of the following criteria: 
• You've been diagnosed with lupus by a qualified physician. 
• You consent to have 23andMe (via a partner) contact your physician to obtain your medical records. 
• You're willing to submit a saliva sample for DNA testing and complete online surveys related to your condition. 
• You are at least 6 years old (minors under 18 require parental consent to enroll). 
• You have access to the Internet. 
• You reside in the United States.

Questions: If you have additional questions about the lupus study, please email 23andMe directly at