Thursday, November 23, 2017

Black Friday Weekend 2017 DNA Kit Sales - Updated

It is the time for DNA test kit sales...and just in time for the holidays! These are fantastic prices - some of the best ever - and will ensure we all get many more new matches, including from international testers. 

DNA kit sales being offered in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and in select European countries. They are good through the end of the weekend. Click on the relevant links to check pricing in your area. 

AncestryDNA - US - $59 >> Click here to order (update: now $69 until Dec 14th)
Ancestry's incredible Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer - Ancestry DNA Kit at only $59! and Subscriptions at 50% Off! Starting November 23rd 9:00PM PST to November 27th 8:59PM PST. (Note: Free shipping codes do not work with the DNA kit offer.) 
    Don't miss out - it's the lowest price of the year. $59

50% off Subscriptions!

Click here or on the image above for 50% off Ancestry Subscriptions

If your current membership is expiring in the next 90 days, you may be able to gift yourself a new membership by turning off your renewal ("canceling" your account) and setting the gift membership to start the day after your current membership is scheduled to end. 

Ancestry FAQ: 

Are gift memberships available for the international versions of Ancestry — for example,

At this time, you can only buy gift memberships for, our U.S.-based site. However, you can buy anyone, anywhere a World Explorer gift membership that includes access to all the international historical record collections on [bolding/italics mine]

Amazon AncestryDNA kit - US - $54.99 >> Click here to order.
AncestryDNA kits are reduced to $54.99 on Amazon - Cyber Monday only. (Prime = free shipping). Ends Nov 27th 11:59pm PST.

AncestryDNA - UK - £49 >> Click here to order
Don't miss out- it's the lowest price of the year, sale until Nov 27th, 11:59pm! Ancestry DNA Kit only £49!

AncestryDNA - Canada - $79 >> Click here to order
AncestryDNA Kit only $79 CAD! StartinNovember 24th 7:00AM PST until November 28th 12:00 AM PST.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale: Don't miss out - it's our lowest price of the year. Ancestry DNA Kit only $79!

AncestryDNA - AUS - $99 >> Click here to order
Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale: Lowest Price $99 AUD!
Start Date/Time: 22nd November 12:00 pm
End Date/Time: 27th November 11:59pm 

23andMe US - $69, $129 (or $99 each for two or more) >> Click here to order (for international, scroll down)
23andMe' Cyber Monday sale has started. Ancestry-only kits are $69 and Ancestry + Health is $129 or only $99/each if you buy two or more (which is a great price!).  If you have been waiting for the complete kit with the health results included, this is a good time to purchase. This offer ends Tuesday, Nov. 28th at noon PST.  **Before you buy, look at the offer from Amazon below this one in case you prefer to order from there**

23andMe US Ancestry + Health on Amazon - $129 >> Click here to order
If you have Prime, then this will save you $10 on shipping costs.

If you have Prime, then this will save you $10 on shipping costs.

23andMe International - £59, £129 - UK, $99 CAD, $219 CAD - Canada, $99 USD - Australia (Ancestry only) >> Click here to order (and to check your country's pricing for international, generally $20 - $30 off if on sale).

MyHeritage DNA - $49 US, £39 UK, $64 AUD >> Click here to order (and to check your country's pricing for international)
Black Friday to Cyber Monday DNA sale - $49! Starting November 21st through November 27th, DNA kits will be available for only $49 instead of $99. 
That's 50% off - the lowest price EVER on MyHeritage DNA! 
FREE expedited shipping on orders of 3+ kits (US only) and free standard shipping on 2+ kits.
Don't forget that MyHeritage is still accepting free raw data uploads from other companies too - upload here.

Family Tree DNA - $49 for Family Finder! >> Click here to order
Family Finder is $49 until November 27 and then will be $59. Even better - shipping has been reduced to only $4.95! Y-DNA and mtDNA are on sale until the end of the year.  Don't forget uploads are still free here ($19 for premium features). 

Living DNA - $89 >> Click here to order (and to check your country's pricing for international). Lowest price ever! This Black Friday, through to Cyber Monday, Living DNA are offering all their customers the chance to get a DNA test for a never-seen-before price of $89! 

Although not a DNA testing kit, this is very relevant to genetic genealogy research. also has a Black Friday sale - $20 off a 6 month subscription. I use their service almost every day in my DNA research, so I highly recommend them. (You can also subscribe to through an membership - half off right now.) Offer ends Nov 26th. Click here to order.

**Disclosure** Ordering through links found on this blog will result in "The DNA Detectives" receiving a small commission from your sale, which helps to defray the costs of my extensive volunteer work and allows me to continue to dedicate a significant amount of time to these volunteer activities. A portion of these commissions also benefits The DNA Detectives Kits of Kindness donation program (details on program at link). Ordering through these links will not increase the price that you pay. Thank you. 


  1. I just bought 2 23 ancestry kits for 49.99 each

  2. I just bought 2 23 ancestry kits for 49.99 each which I thought was a good price.

  3. Thank you for putting the international prices. That helps, as I have a lot of Aussies (and Kiwis but no prices for them which is ok) in the Polynesian DNA Project and on the FB group and they are always questioning whether the sales apply to them or not.

    1. Thanks for sharing it, Kalani! Does the Australian price work in New Zealand? I would have liked to note that but wasn't sure.

  4. Thanks for posting about the sales. I am a member of but currently not a paid subscriber. After reading the FAQ on the subscription sale, it appears the sale is for gift memberships and I'm not entirely sure I can "gift myself."

    1. I don't see why not. You deserve a holiday gift too! :-)

  5. I’m a female and I have already done the ancestry DNA and 23&me. Is there any additional genetic information available if I take the Family Tree mtDNA?

    1. Yes, an mtDNA test would provide additional genetic info, but keep in mind that mtDNA is not all that helpful for genealogy purposes for most people. Since you have results from 23andMe, that means you already know what your mtDNA haplogroup is, so if you order the stand-alone mtDNA at FTDNA, you will want to order the full sequence mtDNA (not the lower resolution test). It will match you to others who carry the same mtDNA, but tracing your common ancestors will be very challenging and maybe impossible. What this test is best for, in my opinion, in pinning down geographic origins of our direct maternal ancestral line.

  6. I have had both my folks do the ancestrydna service last year. Should I get them to do others? Appreciate the information and your page/fb page

    1. It depends on your goals. AncestryDNA is a great start. I prefer 23andMe for admixture/ethnicity, but AncestryDNA is best for genealogy. Thank you!

  7. My step mother would like genetic testing as her Christmas present. Which would provide both ethnic makeup and MtDNA haplogroup for the least cost?

    1. Hi The Dogs,
      That would definitely be the 23andMe Ancestry-only kit for $69. You can either get it through 23andMe's site or Amazon for that price (links above to both).
      I hope she enjoys it!