Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family Tree DNA's End of Summer Y-DNA Sale

I received this welcome news from Family tree DNA today:

As the season draws to a close, join us for one last celebration with our End of Summer Y-DNA Sale! Customers can order a Y-DNA test and join the world's largest Y-DNA database today.  All Y-DNA tests and upgrades have been marked down for significant savings!

Time is limited.  The sale ends 9/3/2014.

As an added bonus, Big Y is also on sale for just $495.  Big Y coupons acquired during the Father's Day Sale can be used on Big Y orders placed during the End of Summer Sale.  With Big Y, 340,000 years of Y-DNA ancestry is just a test away!

Order here.
Standard TestsRegular PriceSale Price
Big Y$595$495

UpgradesRegular PriceSale Price
Y-12 -> Y-37$99$70
Y-12 -> Y-67$189$148
Y-12 -> Y-111$339$239
Y-25 -> Y-37$49$35
Y-25 -> Y-67$148$114
Y-25 -> Y-111$249$209
Y-37 -> Y-67$99$79
Y-37 -> Y-111$220$179
Y-67 -> Y-111$129$109


  1. Question: Should I fish in new ponds "23&Me" or "AncestryDNA" or upgrade my Y-37 to Y-67 on FTDNA ?
    We are looking for my dads Birth father since he was orphaned at birth, I have his Y-111 and FF and I have my Y-37 and FF. Also have uploaded to Gedmatch. We are #275331/#351170 on FTDNA.
    Thank you

    1. Hi George, There is no need to upgrade your Y-DNA if you already have your father's to 111, so I would strongly suggest you get him tested at both 23andMe and AncestryDNA asap. Does he have any matches on the Y-DNA test? Any cluster of surnames? Have you joined our UnknownFathersDNA group yet?

  2. When I try to upgrade from y-67 to y-111 the $109.00 does not register; it shows $129.00.

    1. Hi Charlie,
      This sale was back in August and the offer has expired.